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tv   [untitled]    March 26, 2015 7:00am-7:31am PDT

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these got together because they came and filed a lawsuit. there is plenty of jobs in the western edition. we are surrounding by buildings. it's too late now, most of them are built. we still got them but there was nobody monitoring. i have to go there. i don't get paid. what they tell me, go see city build. i go there and find out city build is revamping their leadership. i found out ms. simmons and autumn of those people, they are gone. we need to bring it back to the community. you have all of these agencies. the only thing missing is the community. we'll talk about that later. >> thank you, do you have a speaker card? that's okay. state your name for the record. >> my name is butler from
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butler enterprise. i work in workforce development. in 18 years i have done this work, this agency that is best program. i have worked with quite a few agencies in san francisco agencies in the east bay and also some work in los angeles. this agency has been a model as far as small business work as well as workforce. everybody is always going to complain that you are no the doing enough. the fact of the matter is it's been an outstanding job and when i'm working with other agencies i refer this program as a model to get more participation, to get more workforce participation. the collaboration with your compliance department which are prince -- project managers. but you hear from other nay sayers. but the reality is the numbers they are putting out there, that is real and i
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see that everyday and i see other projects where you don't get those numbers. we only hope that you continue to support the department. push them hard of course so we can keep reaching high but the reality is this is outstanding work and very excited about the suggested changes because the contract amount for the construction companies are too low. the contracts they are getting are so large they would get 2 or 3 contracts with the amount of work going on in this city. this makes it a much better situation for these contractors and these various companies to be able to continue to participate while they are growing their business so when they do graduate they are solid and capable of competing and capable of doing the work throughout the entire city in and throughout your area and outside the project area. thank you. >> any other speaker cards? do
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the commissioners have any questions? >> i do have some questions? >> what's subcontinent asian? >> in the south region of asia namely india, bangladesh. >> okay.
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>> i was attempted to say that. can you describe good methodology. >> we have contractors and developers to practice and it begins with breaking out components of work so small business can participate so unbundling contracts to the greatest extent possible. we look at the advertisements that are done by the awardee and that advertisement should stipulate a minimum period of advertisement, in our case 30 days. that's the minimum. not to say it couldn't be more than
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30 days but to provide adequate notice to the community. we provide a meeting no less than 2 weeks before bids are due and typically it stands at about a half way point of 2-3-day period and to ensure there is adequate notice, adequate time for a small business to attend. adequate notice and period of time to get questions they may need to be answered. have those swrz -- answered 2 weeks in advance prior to submissions is preferable and have the small business submit good solid bids at that point or proposals. we also look at assiance that a developer and a general contractor would offer to small business in often cases where
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small businesses insurance is an example as a barrier. oftentimes a developer may simply impose a past due insurance requirement regardless of the level of risk so we work with the developer as well in terms f insuring that occi requires a liability of a developer. there is no reason for a developer to pass that due to a smaller architectural rendering firm that may be doing $100000 worth of business. it's not worth the potential cost for a policy of that nature. so we look at the efforts of the developer and contractor in those respects. that if they are sensitive to the small
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business needs and adjusting those insurances as an example to appropriate levels. we consider those to be certainly good faith effort by the developer. those are efforts by the developer for good faith. >> the other question was the outreach. i'm looking at latino at 1 percent. i know you send out your advertisement to the current contracting community. what are the other efforts to reach to more latino contractors, for example.
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but making sure that we are allowing other minority groups to respond. >> sure. the developers and the general contractors as part of the good faith efforts should be reaching out to small business. what we require them to do is to run those solicitations by us where we would in fact have the solicitations posted on the ocii website along with the city and county of san francisco oca website. the office of contract administration. to the extent
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that all cities are advertised. along with that the efforts by the general contractors developers themselves in terms of advertising with the different databases. we always ask they use the cmd data base and we always ask the outreach to firms, relevant firms based on discipline to the cmd lbe data base and along with that are other efforts. i saw from lanar other efforts in terms of outreach.
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>> we also looked at what's key from past experience, we reduce the area of small business. rather that request for proposals from small businesses we ask developers and put this in the best practice and ask for requalification. it's must simpler to submit a requalification statement than a proposal. often it's a challenge for a small business to, small businesses are very small person shop. they don't have a full marketing department to develop glossy proposals or things of that nature. we question for those
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statements and it's not as big a burden to submit those and we have short listing the firms ensuring there is a representation of diversity in terms of the population here in san francisco. so, those are components that we look at as well in terms of what you may view as being outreach targeted efforts at looking at specific populations in areas. in terms of whether there is a direct target currently with latinos, i have to say there hasn't been a discussion specifically looking at latinos per say. but that maybe an area that we will be looking at in the future with some of our partners. >> well, with the african
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american is 4.9 percent also which is quite low. >> can you repeat that? >> i was saying with the african american the percentage is low. i know you put out your rfp or announcements to the current listing and those that are probably already certified with the city and i don't know the numbers that we have for the city based on minority groups but it was more about engaging other groups to apply to become certified, and participate and learn about it. that was the other portion of the effort marketing outreach that i was hoping that we are doing.
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so that we can at least spread our contracts, the goodwill, so to speak, the contracting to other groups. >> right. we have met with some groups, the african american chamber of commerce as an example. >> there is an hispanic chamber of commerce. >> we haven't spoken with them yet as the specific target of latinos having been identified but that's an activity we can undertake in the future. in terms of overall outreach in terms of getting currently non-certified businesses certified. we can look at that. if a certain business not certified in this city but with
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other service as the california department of services and data base, we encourage them to seek certification if they are based in san francisco. i believe law shan from lam ar is here as well. >> yes. i understand. >> good afternoon commissioners. i wanted to speak directly to your question, commissioner mondejar about outreach specifically and then also wanted to make a general statement about the report itself that was presented to us by ocii. let me refer to the outreach piece. we have a construction assistance program that is administration by butler enterprise group and you heard mr. butler speak amen ago. -- a minute ago. we are very proactive to firms who are not currently in our program and
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contracts on our project. as a developer we are very engaged with outreach firms and providing technical assistance to those firms whether or not they are certified and helped them with the process to become certified. we are definitely prioritizing the firms that we are working subcontractors on projects but reaching out to many others. we do that on a regular basis. mr. butler can a test that when i refer firms to the team, if they don't get to the firm i'm on them to be sure they are being served by the technical assistants in the neighborhood. that's one. two, what's also not shown in the statistics. the report is good and i feel very proud of the report that you are seeing today but what's not reflected on the report is the effort and commitment we have made
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behind the scene not just to put them to work but keep them working. we have that b role that is very important to provide support for the small contractors working on the project to keep them working if they are running bumps along the road and working with oew and the team to keep the folks who are placed, we are talking about the workforce, the folks that are working keep them working. there is a lot of management happen with city partners and city builders to keep them working there. there is one thing about the numbers who we continue to train and train up but we want to keep them on the jobs to complete the contracts that they are awarded. >> can i just do a follow up since you went into city build and the workforce challenges, what other groups
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aside from city build or oau are you working with? >> other non-profit groups, training groups. >> i will let them to respond for this. but city build is our own placement but they have their own cmu relationships that they work with, but city build is our access point. >> thank you. >> it's the citywide access point and the director of city build. >> thank you, commissioners and director bohee. city build works with cultural services, anders and chinese for affirmative actionation neighborhood a and d. asian neighborhood design. i think that's about >> asian inc.?
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>> yes. ypc, brand institute. i think those are the main community partners we work with in terms of outreach, recruitment and job readiness. that's just through our office. we also have mous in place with the san francisco district attorney's office, 5 keys and adult probation and san francisco unified school district. we also work with other city departments work independently with other local non-profit service providers as well. we'll interface others in that matter. >> thank you. >> okay. so now, do you have some questions. >> actually most of my questions have been answered. i also thought that 1
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percent latino in the content. what is the reason? >> is it not properly advertised? >> i don't think i'm prepared to answer the specific reason for that. the bids do come in. we look at the bids and their representation but i don't have an answer for you. >> what kind of method was used to certify the new people? >> in terms of small business certification, we no longer certify but we look at certification by other governmental entities. if a firm represents itself to be a small business certified through cmd, we certainly have cmd data base to
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confirm that. we look at the state registry to see if they are certified and ask for revenue figures to ensure they meet that threshold. i'm not certain if that answers your question. >> i just want to know what the conditions are to get the certification. >> what are the requirement? >> yes. >> it depends on the certification programs, but in most instances it's a review of a paper application package along with supporting documents. in some instances site visits are conducted by certifying entities. it really depends on the certifying program. in terms of eligibility, it does differ. there may be network requirements in one program where it does not exist in another program. it does vary in that respect.
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>> okay, thank you. >> i have some questions. kind of an observation. the report is great. it has many details and in fact all the components that we asked about and i like the quarterly approach and the to date approach because it gives us an idea if we had a good quarter or continuing on a good trend. so some of the questions that have been asked with the ones that i had but i guess the big picture question i have and i don't know if you can answer it directly is it seemed like while the numbers overall essentially are healthy if you will, when you kind of break them down or look at them kind of more specifically and this is before i got your very nice handout. i just looked at the report itself. it seemed
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to me it's many of the names are reoccurring which is great. which i look at the general contractors i see cahill a lot, i see some of these other generals, so i know that's not obviously we don't have any control over the generals but i look at the subcontractor level and i see some names that are reoccurring and i see hardly any names for instance in the latino category. but in the african american category i wouldn't call super great numbers but good numbers especially if you compare it to the population base, people who are residue, you are not supposed to compare population to business representation, if you just use that as a measure, it's sort of on par, especially with the asian categories which is sort of on par, when you look at the latino category, that's clearly an area that we need to look
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very closely at because the population of latinos in san francisco is on a conservative bases is at least 15 percent, some people would say it's past 20. it could be the latinos are very busy on other projects and if they are not available. that's a concern. >> well, i share your same sentiments in that respect. regarding these size harmonization, i know i have had a discussion with a successful latino contractor that was not awarded the contract because he exceeded the size standard, as an example. it would be good to look at increasing our size standards and harmonizing with the city because he certainly fell within the city's definition, i believe of a large you know small business but it exceeded our size standards. >> right, that's why i think it's good
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that we would want to harmonize our standards with the city's standards. if the latino contractors are busy elsewhere and have exceeded the size. one thing i would like you to think about and report back to the commission because i don't have this clearly in my head of the local business ordinance. i know cmd keeps records. this is to commissioner mondejar's questions, keeps records of the groups broken down by ethnicity. so you have a sense of the lb e that are certified. what representation of asians, versus african american, versus women, versus non-minority. they have that data. we have our data broken down that way to see comparatively since it's the pool that our program is looking at.
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>> i think what you are looking at is businesses availability versus the utilization. >> exactly. >> okay. so that's one. the other that i would be interested in is on the zip code because i do know that in bayview hunters point there is a lot of contractors based in the bayview, not only african american contractors but many contractors. it's kind of a rich zip code for availability. it would be interesting to know what zip code. the monitoring division when it was it's responsibility did a zip code, now very dated but the zip codes the majority were 94-1-10, and the mission and visitation valley, hunters point and
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there is another zip code in there. >> we'll be happy to gather that because there is some efficient way to gather that information and cross-referencing it to provide that. >> i think that would be great. let's see. getting to the issue that commissioner mondejar mentioned about essentially she said spreading the goodwill, i would call spreading the wealth. there is a lot of wealth here, 53000000 awarded this quarter. it would be, it just seems like none ethnic or racial small businesses are doing well beyond parody in the market. that would be interesting to see. >> with the utilization we can gauge. >> why, i'm asking the question
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why is there an under representation if there is an ability why is there over representation in the small businesses category. i think that would be important for future programmatic changes. the only other thing i think i would like to sake -- say before i move to business -- workforce, when we come back with changes with the city with the policy, i would like us to think about and we talked about this, commissioners singn and i were part of the subcommittee with this practice of giving partnering or partnership for joint ventures with the small business as you mentioned credit at the award stage and we are only counting of course the actual participation
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of the small business when we are looking at compliance that we introduce the concept of partnership credit, 100 percent both credit at the award and compliant stage when the partnership is between a small sbe and an sbalbe so we have essentially that mid-size, larger mid-size but nonetheless sbe companies graduated from a smaller category with a type partnership and then the carat if you will would be 100 percent credit on the front end and the compliance end and hopefully that gets transbay. i'm actually very disappointed to see the numbers in transbay. and mission bay is
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not actually doing that well at all. the shipyard on the other hand is doing great. >> those numbers could be improved. that would provide an added tool that we can use. >> okay, the only thing i have on the workforce. last time my
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recollection is that you also gave us, and commissioner bustos wasn't here when you gave the presentation here. he would love to see it. you also identified the residents, the percentage of san francisco residents by ethnic group. do you remember that report? i will send it to you. >> i'm sure i have it. i think it was at the very first presentation. >> yes. >> i certainly can provide that. >> yes, i believe it also has it by zip code and it was very interesting to see where the local workers were coming from, the zip code areas of the city and basically the jobs, who was hiring them essentially. >> correct. >> so


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